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Having a clogged drain can be frustrating, let our experienced technicians help. Upon their arrival they will diagnose the problem, give an estimate and upon acceptance fix the clogged drain so you can go on about your day knowing it was taken care of correctly the first time. Many common issues we see with drains are;

Tree Roots interfering with the drain
Grease accumulation
Pipe scale build up
Pipes that have shifted
Products flushed down the drain (that shouldn’t have been)

Our technician’s clear lines with traditional cable machines and on occasion will use high speed chain knockers or recommend a jetting service on really rare occasions. We have many different options to ensure your drains get cleaned properly and we never use the poke it open method.

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Drain Cleaning Maintenance

With regular maintenance you will keep the water flowing freely and can prevent water from backing up into your house. Every house is different some require it annually and some every few years. Depending on the reason for the backups of course. Feel free to inquire if getting you added to a plan makes sense.

Frequent Asked Questions

Drains back up for a variety of reasons including:

(1) Roots. Any line with improper or worn seals will allow roots to grow through the seams.

(2) Improper installation of the drain line.

(3) Objects that should not be flushed, including wet wipes, paper towels, feminine products and grease.

Unfortunately, if the line is backed up the camera will not have the ability to see through dirty water, so it would be a futile effort and a waste of your money.
We can clean the floor drain to the point where it connects to your mainline because floor drain lines are only 2” or less in diameter. But the mainline is 4”-6” and requires a larger blade which does not fit through the floor drain. If the mainline pipe to the street needs to be cleaned, we have to enter the pipe from another point.
Some lines have years of build-up and need the power and torque of a professional drain cleaner to get through them. In addition, since Ron the Sewer Rat has years of experience, we know various “tricks of the trade” – such as getting around turns in the pipe – to successfully clear the drain.
A blade or cutter is the attachment added to the end of the cable that cleans the pipe as it rotates, cutting away any obstruction. We use a dozen different blades to clean lines. Various sizes are required because sewers all have different size clean outs and pipe diameter. For example, most lines are under 3”-4” under the foundation, converting to 6” outside the house.


World-Class Guys
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I cannot find enough words of praise for how professional, efficient, effective, persistent and all-around wonderful is was to work with the guys from Ron the Sewer Rat. They successfully unclogged the "mother of all clogs" that was causing my bathroom drains to back-up and for a very reasonable price. I now have peace of mind and sinks that drain, thanks to them. 5-STAR RATING, absolutely.
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My dad worked for Ron back in the '70s and we've continued to use them ever since (just had them out last week for a preventative sewer cleaning). My brother-in-law was having sewer problems in his very old St. Paul house and called Bonfe. They gave him an estimate of almost $20,000. We told him to call Ron the Sewer Rat and they fixed his problem for under $300. That was almost 5 years ago and he hasn't had any trouble since then. Obviously, sewers don't last forever and he likely will need to do a big fix/replacement at some point, but not yet, thanks to RTSR. We have always found that RTSR never recommends unnecessary repairs and they seem to understand that many people don't have unlimited amounts of money.
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Jordan was AWESOME! We were told by rotor rooter that we needed a $10,000+ repair to our main line. Jordan came and ran a camera and we watched it snake all the way to the city line. No damage whatsoever. We had just had our line cleaned and there were some roots they missed, so Jordan did a quick scoop out and then he even fixed a leak on our cover. Thank you Jordan and Ron the Sewer Rat! You have a lifelong customer out of us!
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